Aquavitae is the new cocktail bar in Cheltenham, offering sharing food and cocktails to be enjoyed with friends throughout the day and into the evening. The new brand was created by Third floor design and Shadowplay Design were asked to work on the interiors. The property is split over two floors and the ground floor connects to the existing business, The 21 Club. The ground floor area was to house a 10m long bar and theatre kitchen, beach seating and exposed brick walls, and this is where the daytime trade sit. The first floor was a private hire room, being smaller and available to hire for parties or business meetings.

The brief was to make it feel like it had always been there whilst evoking a sense of a New York loft style bar, young, fun and comfortable. Commercial grade flooring was a must due to the traffic flow and having to be durable and easy to clean. Working with day to night time lighting was important to allow a seamless look whilst being bright enough for the daytime customers, but ensuring a sense of mood for the early evening and linking through to connect to The 21 Club in the early hours of the morning.

We added a 10m black and white tiled, zinc topped bar with a pop of bright mustard yellow stools to sit along this area. We used exposed filament bulbs in copper lamp holders to bring atmospheric light to the interiors, whilst using bar lighting and revealed ceiling lights all that could be dimmed for the time of day.

Richard Davies, the owner of Aquavitae is a horse lover and bespoke artwork was produced. Richard was keen to have an equestrian element but something fun so we commissioned Shadowplay Media to produce a hand painted horse keeping within our colour scheme which was then retouched and made into wallpaper. This artwork takes centre stage in the private hire room, whilst Sign writers Wooden Pins painted a bespoke verse of a poem in the stairwell which was a challenge but well worth it.

The project ran for 3 months and opened in time for the October Cheltenham Races. We’ve had very positive feedback , the bar and brand looks fantastic and we love popping in for a cocktail .. or 3.

Category: Commercial
Client: Aquavitae