Blue Horizons

I was asked to design a meeting room to welcome clients and for them to feel comfortable and at ease to work with their marketing partner ‘Blue Horizons’. This room is also home to Directors Zoe and Marcus (not forgetting Lola the dog) Davitt.
In Zoe’s own words the office had become drab and tired after being located there for over 10 years, the office was for staff and not visited by clients but more recently they were coming to the Blue Horizons office. So Zoe wanted to ‘walk the walk’ and not just ‘talk the talk’!

The brief was for the room to reflect there business offering, it was to be comfortable, professional, friendly but not to wacky. Their business is to be a marketing partner to support businesses as a marketing bolt on so we felt the space shouldn’t be too heavily branded so when presenting a client’s new brand or design it wasn’t lost or over shadowed.

We had a budget and a timeframe to work within, Zoe and Marcus were great clients to work with as we were on the same wave length, we shared Pinterest images and talked through the requirements. The property is leased which mean somethings weren’t possible or cost effective, we re carpeted, decorated and purchased everything new! The colour palette was white, grey with pops of orange. We introduced a mango wood meeting table, leather door handles, eames style chairs and George and Willy paper roll, items were purchased from a variety of suppliers including Ikea, Swoon, Violet and Percy, Rockett st George, Super Front and many more.
We also employed a fab illustrator Charlotte Farmer who made a fun piece of artwork of the companies 8 step process, this has been printed and framed for all to see, it’s fun way to show their professional process – it also features Lola the dog!

There is a blog post about the refurb on the Blue Horizons website in Zoe’s own honest words if you fancy reading a blog from the clients perspective.

The best bits for me were Zoe saying they were on a budget but wanted a quality feel – so we cheated and I’m an Interior Design with great taste – thank you Zoe, it was a pleasure!

Category: Commercial
Client: Blue Horizons