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Should I feel guilty?

Landscape shot of the Cowley Manor in Gloucestershire

Should I feel guilty, taking 3 nights away from work and the children to have a break. Or should I be relaxing and forgetting about it all?

I think as a mother and having your own business you never truly switch off. I find myself lying by the pool checking emails and to make things worse I get a message to say one of my children is 

Cowley Manor is home for the next three nights, my husband and I plan to talk work, life and get inspired by the environment and relaxed atmosphere. I can kid myself it’s work related when I take in the classic designed pieces of furniture and textiles. To quote most of todays chatter  “When I get home I’m going to ….…..” and “from now on we are always doing .……. “. We have such great intentions – will we stick to them?

Being only a 10 minute drive from home, we feel very lucky to have this cool hang out on our door step. I watch people working on their laptops and hear clapping from a private room which I assume is a company event – this could be a regular place to ‘work’ from.  So another intention is to make a deal with myself to come for coffee and work once a week, the view is enough alone to inspire writing blogs and making decisions on client projects.

So from the Vitra Noguchi designed tables to the product design of the Green and Spring products I feel completely inspired to get back to work with an all guns blazing attitude. 

With a daily trip to the gym to make me feel better about myself, my guilt quickly subsides as my 6 year old is back at school as soon as the calpol had kicked in. To conclude the queen size bed and Egyptian cotton sheets were the perfect setting for 3 very refreshing nights sleep, its been wonderful opportunity for a romantic break and business inspiration rolled into one!

Cowley_manor_Spa Cowley_manor_bedroom

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